Going for Growth Doesn’t Need Huge Investment

Too many practice owners get bogged down in the day-to-day work, without taking the time to see that there is frequently a better way to operate that will result in growth and greater profitability.

Whether it involves passing over the basic work to someone else, or having an expert review your processes, it just needs you to stop what you are doing, metaphorically put your hand up and ask someone to take a look.

You know that there is a myriad of repetitive processes you are undertaking, day in, day out. How much more could you achieve if you or your onsite team weren’t completing them, but you had passed them over to an accountant or bookkeeper in your extended office.

Hiring staff is time consuming and we all know there is a shortage of trained accountants and bookkeepers – so you plod on as you are, getting busier and with a diminishing opportunity to grow your business. You are not alone; there are hundreds, in fact thousands of firms across the country in the same position.

So why change?

Valenta Accounting UK is already working with firms just like yours – who suddenly realised that there was a different way of operating – but one which makes total sense. They solved their resource issues by ‘employing’ our accountants and bookkeepers to undertake their accountancy work securely on their firm’s computers in the UK, using a remote connection. These accountants and bookkeepers are their own dedicated resource, full time or part time, already trained in UK accounting and bookkeeping and simply needed a little bit of time to learn how they work, the way they like to do things. And they can relax because they know we have senior accountants to keep a check on what those accountants and bookkeepers are doing, ensuring it is accurate and compliant – so they don’t even need to worry about that.

We are experienced in all the main accounting software like Xero and Xero Workpapers, Intuit QuickBooks, Sage, FreeAgent, TaxCalc, IRIS, CCH and so on. So whatever work they needed to be done, from preparing management accounts to filing with HMRC and Companies House (after approval), to running their payrolls or taking on tax returns, their new team in their extended office manages it quickly and accurately – just like their team in their onsite office.

Business growth from many angles

Accounting and bookkeeping aren’t the only things that we help with. We have people in place so we can help you across other areas of your firm, for example who can undertake basic admin work for you like updating your database, process your GDPR annual compliance checks or send reminders about unpaid bills.

Our qualified digital marketers can help you to take your business to another level – getting your website working properly and search engine optimised, keeping your social media active and running paid online advertising for you on Google or social media platforms. Spread the word – with all your spare time you will be able to take on lots more new customers.

Or you could take a look at our NuclearCRM – a fabulous customer relationship management tool that is built on the renowned ZoHo platform and designed to make the processes behind looking after your customers, streamlined and effective.

Is outsourcing right for you?

We won’t pretend, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of passing their work to someone else; there is the concern about loss of control or even, heaven forbid, data exposure.

The team at Valenta works really hard to allay people’s fears – you won’t lose control, you will simply have an extra member of your team who you can speak to every day; face-to-face if you would like (isn’t modern technology awesome) who reports to you and undertakes your work. They are just based in a separate office. We will set up reporting to your requirements so there is total transparency on what we are doing for you.

The security we provide on your data is probably more stringent than your own. The data doesn’t leave your office; we simply work with you to set up a highly secure link so that we can work on it on your computers. That doesn’t mean we have access to all your files and customers – simply to the data you want us to work on.

Still not convinced?

We are happy to provide the contact details for some of our clients so you can talk to them about the service we deliver to them. A lot of them started off with the same apprehension as you are possibly feeling now; many of them began by just taking one of our accountants for a few hours a week to see how they got on. Once they have experienced the high quality, fast turnaround we deliver, most of them have gone on to take on more hours or more accountants and bookkeepers to build their own extended office. And free themselves up to grow, take on more clients and be more profitable.

Want to find out how easy it is and how little investment you actually need?

You can find us at this year’s Professional Accountancy exhibition in Birmingham on 18-19 September, so do please come and talk to us on our stand. Alternatively, Valenta’s CEO Chetan Kasim, is one of the experienced speakers at the event so make sure you put your name down for his session.

For further information on the services we provide to support your business growth, contact Valenta Accounting UK on 0208 720 6644 or email us at [email protected]


Posted on 30.07.19