Inform Direct to unveil 3 great new features at Professional Accountancy 2019

Inform Direct will be unveiling three great new enhancements to their company secretarial software, tailored to the needs of accountants in practice, when they exhibit at Professional Accountancy

We’re thrilled to exhibit at the inaugural Professional Accountancy National Accountancy Exhibition on 18 and 19th September.

We’re even more excited to unveil and exclusively demonstrate three great new features, all tailored to the needs of accountants in practice, which further enhance our award-winning company secretarial software.

We’d love to present these enhancements to existing Inform Direct users and other accountants who are ready to discover better company secretarial software. Visit our team on Stand B11 if you are not yet using our software to find out why Inform Direct is the company secretarial solution of choice for UK accountants and claim a one month, no obligation free trial.

The right information, at your fingertips

On the Inform Direct portfolio screen, accountants can view deadlines for all their clients’ accounts and confirmation statements. It’s clear, at a glance, what’s most urgent.

Now we’re offering you the chance to track other company dates and deadlines. You can choose to monitor company deadlines for standard requirements like corporation tax and VAT. More than that, you’re also able to set up and track your own custom deadlines, giving you both flexibility and control.

As well as dates, you’ll be able to set up and record other custom information for each of your corporate clients, such as your internal client reference number. We know each practice and every company you support is different, so we’re giving you the power to record whatever is most important for your own business and your own clients.

The portfolio screen is at the heart of every accountant’s Inform Direct experience, and each user will now be able to select what key information is shown there. Choose between a range of standard options. Add the custom dates and other details you’ve set up. Select the most appropriate order of information. Define how deadlines should be colour coded.

With all this added flexibility, you’re in full control of how you manage work for your clients.

The best process, tailored to you

Inform Direct offers a complete company secretarial solution for accountants, from minutes to mortgages and share splits to SAIL address records. Beyond offering comprehensive features, we’ve designed all our processes with the needs of accountants in mind – with a range of shortcuts and automation to save time and help you get work right first time.

During 2019, we’ve been busy enhancing all our processes to make it easier for accountants to obtain client (or internal) approval for each transaction. Now also available for transactions involving company officers and people with significant control, you can:

  • Choose whether client is approval is required for any process;
  • Enter the required details and produce draft minutes, resolutions and other documents;
  • Produce a summary of each transaction for your client to review;
  • Once your client has responded, either ‘complete’ the approved transaction, make updates (with the option to seek approval again) or cancel it.

At any time, you can easily see which transactions are still awaiting approval and still need to be completed. So it’s clear where you might need to follow up again with your client.

The widest range of documents, fully compliant

Accountants need the right documents on hand for every client eventuality. The template library in Inform Direct offers the most comprehensive suite of document templates, with minutes, resolutions, letters and forms all written and reviewed by company secretarial experts.

As well as being available as standalone templates, documents can be produced as part of Inform Direct processes. So, when issuing shares, the required resolutions and minutes are created at the touch of the button, all pre-populated with details you’ve already entered, saving you time.

Adding to this cornucopia of more than 300 documents, our latest enhancement further extends the range of templates available – covering topics as varied as audit requirements, managing directors’ loan accounts and pre-emption rights on share allotments.

Henry Catchpole, CEO of Inform Direct, looks ahead to our visit to the NEC:

“We love meeting accountants, and look forward to seeing lots of familiar and new faces at Professional Accountancy.

“So many accountants already love how our software has transformed their practices, and these new features are all about offering more control of company secretarial work, helping you to work more efficiently and delight your clients.

“For anyone who hasn’t seen Inform Direct before, Professional Accountancy is a great opportunity to have a tour of our award-winning software. With the option to trial for free for a month, you can see exactly how it can benefit your practice, saving you time and enabling you to offer an even better service to your clients.”


Posted on 22.07.19