What Could you Achieve with Live Chat?

There’s a variety of reasons why major industry exhibitions have long been viewed as essential to attend by so many businesses. When we look at a sample of these reasons, we see many parallels between what a delegate or organisation might hope to achieve through attendance, and what an accountancy firm would achieve through the incorporation of Melu’s managed Live Chat service.

Let’s begin by looking at community engagement. With five thousand delegates expected at the exhibition, it’s relatively uncontroversial to suggest that attendees have the unique opportunity of discussing, in person, a diverse range of topics and possibilities that wouldn’t be open to non-attendees. Imagine one of your biggest competitors failing to attend and the subsequent advantages this provides to you, over them?

For the same reasons your organisation benefits from the community engagement elements of an exhibition, your website will benefit from Melu’s proven (more on this later) managed Live Chat service.

The vast majority of accountancy firms of course have their own website, but only a minority currently incorporate Live Chat, it just happens that this minority are those that are making the most of the benefits of far higher community engagement. What level of engagement would a website really generate by simply being a means of displaying company information, in comparison to one which greets a visitor with a “can I help?”.

How about the actionable feedback from your customer base gained from attending exhibitions? Feedback is essential to the continuous improvement of a business and events like Professional Accountancy 2019 will undoubtedly unearth a great deal for you. Now think about receiving far higher levels of feedback on a daily basis by having your website proactively working on your behalf? A managed Live Chat service provides invaluable data on who your potential customers are, where they are, what their queries are and what you can be doing to action them. Best of all, you wouldn’t have to lift a finger to achieve this. Melu’s fully trained operators are familiar with your company’s frequently asked questions, so alongside answering queries to improve your customer service, they’ll also be providing you with warm leads and tangible feedback you otherwise would never have seen.

Now let’s take a look at ROI. All organisations attending exhibitions are of course in search of a return on their investment. Businesses need to know that budget spend on such activities will yield a high return and this is no different to the incorporation of a managed Live Chat service. Melu has a proven track record in demonstrably and significantly improving lead generation, data driven decision making and ultimately, profitability. It’s precisely this that led to Critchley’s Accountants in Oxford to state “Since we started using Melu we've had on average £3,000 of business directly from live chat each month."

Finally, as you visit various exhibition stands of interest to you, you’d most likely (we’d assume) be doing so on the basis that you’d be under no obligation to use the service before exiting the stand. This is why Melu offers a free, no commitment trial for 30 days so you can see for yourself the exceptional benefits the service will provide.

For the same reasons of engagement, business connections, customer experience and ROI you’d attend an event like Professional Accountancy, you could be enjoying precisely the same benefits on a daily basis through the incorporation of Melu’s managed Live Chat service.

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Posted on 22.07.19