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Wolters Kluwer provide the software, services and insight you need to help you and your customers grow and prosper.

Wolters Kluwer are a global information, software and consultancy provider, specialising in tax and accounting. We support our customers at every stage, giving them the expert knowledge and software that they can rely on to improve their efficiency, navigate change and adhere to the needs of regulators and customers alike.

Our innovative and mobile technology creates a future-proofed, end-to-end tax and accounting system, to suit your needs. CCH Central is your one-stop shop for tax and accounting compliance and practice management. You can manage your clients’ core compliance work from a single screen with access to their accounts and tax returns as well as document and communications.

CCH Central

CCH Central

Using a series of disparate software can cause inefficiencies in your practice such as wasted employee productivity, lack of real-time visibility, complex integrations and increased customer churn. By combining your compliance and practice management software into one integrated suite, you can mitigate these inefficiencies and dramatically improve visibility, save costs, innovate new processes and accelerate the growth of your practice. CCH Central redefines software integration. It enables you to get a complete picture of your clients and your practice, share information effortlessly and improve client service. It’s a fully integrated, central database of accounting software which can intelligently share information wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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CC One Click

CCH OneClick

CCH OneClick is a secure set of cloud tools accessible in one place which is fully integrated with CCH Central so you can connect, communicate and collaborate with clients - anytime, anywhere on any device. CCH OneClick centres around connectivity and the aggregation of data. It provides you with a single online interface in which you can access data from a variety of different sources, including third party bookkeeping solutions, HMRC and tools that can be used to efficiently collect tax return information from your clients. CCH OneClick gives advisors and clients access to a workspace tailored to their needs, giving them a single-entry point to access all their tools.

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Hosting Solution

Our Hosting Solution (powered by HDUK)

A secure, virtual environment for your business-critical applications. Access your data and software anywhere, at any time on any device with a virtual IT environment using an internet connection. Our hosting is a virtual desktop solution that provides a secure infrastructure for your business critical applications and data. It looks feels and behaves exactly the same and is always available from any device through an internet connection. There is no need to worry about software updates, replacing outdated hardware or day-to-day IT issues. This fail-safe backup system gives you peace of mind that your business-critical data is protected from data loss.

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Reinventing the accounting and tax profession

Advisory services will play a critical part in the evolution of practices as they face the growth challenge head on. Digitalisation has thrown accountants into that period of evolution. How will your practice take on these new challenges? In this whitepaper, Wolters Kluwer provides the advice and steps you need to have the confidence to take your practice on a journey from compliance to advisory. This is a must-read for any practice wanted to keep up with the evolution.