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Award-winning accounting software for you and your clients

FreeAgent is completely free for your clients who have business current accounts with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank NI, for as long as they retain their account. For FreeAgent accountants and bookkeepers, this opens up the opportunity to connect with nearly a quarter of all UK small businesses.

Free software for your NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank NI clients

Multi award-winning accounting software for you and your small business clients.

How technology is changing the accounting landscape

From the invention of the abacus to the creation of calculators, spreadsheets and digital accounting software, accountants and bookkeepers have always been able to count on technology to help them with their work. Here are a few ways that technological trends have changed the accounting landscape and a look at what the future might hold.

How to get off to a great start with new clients

The importance of making a strong impression with new clients who are new to your accounting or bookkeeping practice should never be underestimated. Getting new relationships off to a great start should not only make clients more likely to choose to work with you, it should also create a robust foundation for a healthy and successful partnership.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for getting relationships with new clients off to a great start.

Guide your clients through the next wave of Making Tax Digital

A free handout to introduce your small business and freelancer clients to Making Tax Digital.