Accounting & Disclosure of Directors' Transactions [2021]

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This 1-hour CPD webinar is presented by Mike Ulrich and deals with Issues in respect of the accounting and disclosure of director transactions arising with owner-managed SMEs.

There are often “misunderstandings” as to how the requirements apply and the failure to disclose certain of these transactions is, in the presenter’s opinion, one of the most common disclosure errors made in the financial statements. It is also not unusual for the disclosures to be in addition to that required by FRS 102, and a true and fair view, resulting in “sensitive” disclosures being placed in the public domain. The relationship between the company and its directors is such that directors settle company transactions personally and the company settles director personal transactions. This can give rise to issues in respect of the disclosure of transactions and the recognition and recording of dividends. The disclosure requirements of FRS 105, FRS 102 section 1A and FRS 102 section 33 are different.

Learning aims & objectives

  • Understand the disclosure requirements of FRS 102 and FRS 105 and the Companies Act.
  • Understand the Companies Act requirement relating to advances to directors.
  • Understand the guidance in Tech 02/17 in respect of the recognition of dividends and how this impacts accounting for director transactions.

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