Covid 19 and Brexit - Key Disclosures for SMEs [2021]

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This 1 hour session presented by David Potts is designed to summarise all the most up-to-date, relevant guidance and to give a clear idea as what would be expected in the financial report of an SME (including Micro entities).

Although 2020 was a relatively quiet year for UKGAAP with no major developments in FRS 102 or FRS 105 nothing else about the year can be considered straightforward. We have all experienced two major events the like of which none of us will have seen before, Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. These events have inevitably created significant financial reporting issues; going concern reporting, how to present exceptional and unusual transactions, new government support measures and asset valuations amongst them.

Learning aims & objectives:

  • Help attendees improve the quality and effectiveness of the narrative disclosures
  • Provide a simple checklist for future use
  • Explain how disclosures can be complete and accurate and still be considered clear and concise

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