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Professional Accountancy's virtual event experience returns 29 March 2021

This 6 hour CPD event is live from 31st March - 30 April 2021:

  • High quality 5 x 1 hour pre-recorded videos and audio broadcast (topic titles are listed below)
  • Q&A – join our 1 hour live “Shape The Debate” Q&A live on 28 April 2021 with our expert speakers. This is your opportunity to hear our experts answering attendee questions on both the pre-recorded content and general day to day accounting and finance issues.

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Education sessions include:-

1. COVID 19 and Brexit – key disclosures for SMEs

Presented by David Potts

Although 2020 was a relatively quiet year for UKGAAP with no major developments in FRS 102 or FRS 105 nothing else about the year can be considered straightforward. We have all experienced two major events the like of which none of us will have seen before, Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. These events have inevitably created significant financial reporting issues; going concern reporting, how to present exceptional and unusual transactions, new government support measures and asset valuations amongst them. This session is designed to summarise all the most up-to-date, relevant guidance and to give a clear idea as what would be expected in the financial report of an SME (including Micro entities).

Learning aims & objectives:

  • Help attendees improve the quality and effectiveness of the narrative disclosures
  • Provide a simple checklist for future use
  • Explain how disclosures can be complete and accurate and still be considered clear and concise

2. Accounting and disclosure of directors’ transactions

Presented by Mike Ulrich

Issues in respect of the accounting and disclosure of director transactions often arise with owner-managed SMEs. There are often “misunderstandings” as to how the requirements apply and the failure to disclose certain of these transactions is, in the presenter’s opinion, one of the most common disclosure errors made in the financial statements. It is also not unusual for the disclosures to be in addition to that required by FRS 102, and a true and fair view, resulting in “sensitive” disclosures being placed in the public domain. The relationship between the company and its directors is such that directors settle company transactions personally and the company settles director personal transactions. This can give rise to issues in respect of the disclosure of transactions and the recognition and recording of dividends. The disclosure requirements of FRS 105, FRS 102 section 1A and FRS 102 section 33 are different.

Learning aims & objectives

  • Understand the disclosure requirements of FRS 102 and FRS 105 and the Companies Act.
  • Understand the Companies Act requirement relating to advances to directors.
  • Understand the guidance in Tech 02/17 in respect of the recognition of dividends and how this impacts accounting for director transactions.

3. 5 topical areas when dealing with small companies

Presented by Val Steward

This session will deal with more topical accounting and disclosure issues relevant to dealing with small companies. The session will look at five areas of the accounts in detail considering the following for each:

  • Accounting requirements
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Common errors

The five accounting areas being covered will be:

  • Intangible assets
  • Fixed assets
  • Investment properties
  • Long term contracts
  • Deferred tax

Learning aims and objectives:

Recognise the issues in these topical areas and ensure that they are dealt with properly.

4. Direct Tax Update including Budget 2021

Presented by Tony Austin

This session will include a summary of the major changes in legislation and practice relating to UK income tax, capital gains tax and corporation tax since FA 2020 was passed, looking at changes to that legislation taking effect from April 2021.

Changes to tax legislation announced in the Chancellor’s Budget, scheduled to be announced on 3 March 2021.

Learning aims & objectives:

  • To update both those working in industry and advisers, working with their clients in practice, on the main issues of UK direct tax.
  • To provide an opportunity to consider and discuss the most recent changes in corporation tax, income tax and capital gains tax.
  • To provide an opportunity to consider and discuss proposed changes in UK tax.
  • To assist with the handling and planning of an individual’s or a company’s tax affairs.

5th topic below

5. Taxation of Business Profits – a Guide for the Non-Specialist

Presented by Tony Austin

The session will cover

  • how business profits are calculated for tax purposes;
  • the main adjustments needed to accounts profits to arrive at the taxable profits;
  • capital and revenue expenditure;
  • whether or not to incorporate;
  • directors’ loan accounts;
  • personal expenses.

Learning aims & objectives:

  • Providing those preparing income tax and corporation tax computations with a guide to calculating taxable profits.
  • Assisting with an understanding of what is considered capital expenditure for tax purposes.
  • Providing a guide to the tax treatment of payments to directors and directors’ loan accounts.


We have trialled and tested the new format at online conferences across different sectors, and we are overwhelmed with the feedback we have received from making our face-to-face events possible online. Comments we have received so far include:

"The whole experience was valuable, and communication has been really first class"

"I wanted to say how much I valued receiving and sharing the Online webinar. I felt it was very helpful and very interesting for you to allow all practitioners to participate. Thank you for all the extra information and resources, I look forward to the next."

"I have never attended a similar event but I definitely would again"

"A good way to access training at a time to suit you, the online course is as effective as attending in person."

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