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This 1-hour CPD webinar is presented by David Potts, financial reporting lecturer and consultant. This online education session covers Accounting for SME's from Professional Accountancy.

This session will summarise all the most frequent technical questions that have arisen in the previous 12 months for those preparing accounts for Small (Micro) and medium sized entities. The course is based on questions submitted to technical helplines and other similar services, including questions asked of the tutor. Topics will typically include:

  • Companies Act exemptions available
  • Implementation of changes to FRS
  • Dealing and filing information with Companies House

Solutions offered will be based on the most up to date regulatory information and guidance

Aims & objectives:

  • Help attendees avoid the need to seek technical advice and assistance by pre-empting the question
  • Share the knowledge and experience of others
  • Help attendees deliver a better and more efficient client service

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Fully visual with speaker on screen

Trusted source of professional development

Has accompanying lecture notes & presentations

Licensed to last for 90 days

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1 hour CPD per session

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