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Emma Tegerdine, Wayne Spencer, Sara

CPD Hours: 8


Employment law is essential for accountants to understand, and keep up-to-date with. With a responsibility for managing people, as part of your role you should be aware of the legal responsibilities you hold on behalf of your company.

3 x 2 hour pre-recorded session topics:

- Drug & Alcohol Misuse in the Workplace
- Apprenticeships, Key Issues and Potential Pitfalls
- Agency Workers, Legal Rights and Recent Developments

1-hour live panel discussion

Hosted by Wayne Spencer, Sara Smith, Emma Whiddett and James Rice discussing key issues in the workplace. All topics will be released 1 week before the panel discussion.

1-hour live speaker Q&A

With Emma Tegerdine hosting your pre-recorded sessions, here you will be able to ask any questions you have from any of our Employment Law videos.


How do I know if this course is right for me?

Upon completion of this course, you will gain an understanding of:
- How to successfully manage an employee with drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.
- How to do what the second webinar is set out to achieve.
- Here is the third explanation of learning objectives for the third webinar.

How do I access the sessions once I have downloaded?

After you have downloaded you will receive a link to your email address containing all of the content in the event area. If you are booking on behalf of a colleague, enter their email address in the delegate box and they will receive the event area link.

3 x 2 hour pre-recorded session topics:
When you receive your event area link you can access your 3 recorded sessions at any time.

1-hour live panel discussion & 1-hour live speaker Q&A:
The live panel discussion and the speaker Q&A will be hosted through Zoom. You can add these sessions to your calendar from the event area which will remind you 15 minutes before this is due to start.

How do I get CPD?

30-days after your purchase, you will receive your CPD certificate to the email address you used to register. Please ensure you record the details of your sessions as you will need to self certify for your association.